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Modular Platform

The Modular Platform is an innovative digital publishing platform designed to provide content to your subscribers, no matter what you as a publisher strive to achieve or what your strategic goals are.

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Desktop Web App 2.0

The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 is an HTML-based solution facilitating all of your ePaper publications and associated content in a desktop web app solution.

The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 organises your content in distinct modules based on content type for an enhanced user experience and increased engagement.

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Visiolink Article View 2.0

Let your articles be represented as they deserve: As the very essence of your brand - your stories, your content in the layout that characterises your visual identity. 

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Audio Anywhere

Audio Anywhere is the collective term for our new range of audio features that ensure a high level of relevance of the ePaper solution. By adding podcasts and narrated articles to the content mix, the users have the incensive for taking the ePaper into use during the daily commute, excersising, gardening, dinner making and other household chores.

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Interactive Crosswords

You can't say 'Sunday Newspaper' without also saying 'Crosswords'. The good, old-fashioned word puzzle is a proper crowd-pleaser that provides good exercise for the brain. By digitizing the crosswords through our latest feaure, you will undoubtedly increase reader engagement.


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User Tracking

Many media companies try to crack the code of predicting churn, and segmentation is particularly useful for this matter. Especially, if you have the User Tracking feature as this will enable you to link the data with specific users - making it a great tool for marketing campaigns, onboarding initiatives, churn prevention etc.

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Engagement Studio - Unmatched data quality

Engagement Studio

Bring your ePaper data alive in a customized dashboard and keep track of how your readers engage with your content.

Raw data can be quite comprehensive and overwhelming to the untrained eye. But not anymore. Engagement Studio provides a manageable and eye-pleasing live overview of your ePaper data - tailored to your specific needs.


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Segmented Push

Increase reader engagement with a push notification - simple and effective. Segmented Push gives you great opportunities to reach specific segments through push notifications.

It’s you who defines the scope of these segments, and it’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless.

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News Modules - publishing app for epapers and eMagazines

News Modules

With its module based design, News Modules is the perfect response to the readers’ growing need for a more dynamic publication solution.

Visiolink's latest app solution allows you to display various content types on a scrollable starting page and make it easily accessible to your readers - both on iOS and Android.

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Visiolink Module Tracking

The News Modules design was originally developed to give your content the attention it deserves, and encouraging your users to discover a larger proportion of the various content types you have in store. By implementing Visiolink Module Tracking, you will gain insights into the popularity of each of your front-page modules, as new events are tracked each time a user presses content within any module.

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Mobile Edition - digital publishing for news papers and magazines

Mobile Edition

More and more ePaper and eMagazine readers turn to their mobile for a news fix - especially younger readers.

With an interface optimised for small screens, Mobile Edition allows you to present a large variety of content such as videos, live feeds and related content. All within the reach of the thumb.

Mobile Edition is available for iOS and Android.

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Digital Archive

Bring your archive online, and let your readers access it in your apps. Legacy content is not only popular, it's a journalistic commodity your readers are willing to pay for.

Utilize your archive to create greater reader engagement and to provide a unique look into the world of yesteryear, as seen by your predecessors. 

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