Gamify your ePaper

You can't say 'Sunday Newspaper' without also saying 'Crossword Puzzles'. The good, old-fashioned word puzzle is a proper crowd-pleaser that provides good exercise for the brain. By digitizing the crosswords through our 'Interactive Crosswords'-feature, you will undoubtedly increase reader engagement.

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A great loyalty driver

Adding Crossword Puzzles to your content mix will inevitably extend the time your readers engage with the ePaper. And while there are no guarantees in life, the likes of Crosswords and Sudokos are popular loyalty drivers that are likely to keep your churn rate at a minimum.

Convenient for your readers

Crossword Puzzles are here to stay, no doubt about it. But like the print paper, it is not always compatible with a busy lifestyle where everything has to be on demand. Interactive Crosswords allows your readers to solve the puzzles on all of their devices irrespective of time and place.

Hassle-free implementation

Effortlessly, create hotspots in your publication to make the existing crossword puzzles interactive. Or add weekly crossword supplements to your ePaper for even greater exposure of the engagement increasing puzzles. In either case, it won't have an onerous impact on your current workflow once implemented. Take a look at our how-to guide here.

Show it, don't tell it

Interactive Crosswords are characterized by their ease of use and recognisable appearance. Meaning that it is as close to the real thing as it can possibly be. But enough talk. Why not just experience the feature firsthand?
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