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Delivering a digital edition of your newspaper is easy. But there's more to your ePaper than simply bridging the gap between online and print. Once you realize the true digital potential offered by an ePaper solution, you might see that it's not just a publishing channel, but a business in its own right.

Digital publishing provides a platform for constantly improving and testing new grounds. From customizing design and UX features, to increasing ad revenue and broadening your reader base by acting on data, the ePaper helps you get the absolute most of your digital edition.



The perfect companion for reading the ePaper on the couch, or on an airplane for that matter. Swipe through the paper, zoom or read in article mode. 


Consume your news the modern way. Mobile Edition brings Article View front and center, making it easy to navigate the paper on your phone.



The newspaper from the comfort of your desk. A state of the art HTML-based reader serves crisp pages and combines it with Article View.

Choose top rated ePaper apps

Our state of the art ePaper apps incorporate design, user experience and 3rd party integrations, leveraging the unique characteristics of each platform. It shows on customer reviews on the App Store and Google Play.

To ensure excellent user experience, we create apps specifically designed for iOS, Android and Web. And to provide you with a high quality solution, all software is subject to rigorous testing by our tenacious Quality Assurance department before release.

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Brand & customize

Regardless of your newspaper's specific focus, there's a way to customize and brand your ePaper app. Live video, live news and embedded online content are just a few ways of utilizing journalistic work from all your platforms, and getting the most of your ePaper.

Your best brand identifier is your content, followed closely by your design and visuals. Our design team helps adjust the visuals to your preference, creating a seamless link between print and digital editions.

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Maximize ad revenue

Print ads can easily be made interactive. Clickable ads enable you to track reader interaction with advertisers, providing a strong argument for the increased value of each individual ad.

Create interactive interstitials and utilize graphics to tailor powerful ads within the ePaper. Use interstitials to guide readers to your own exciting online stories, or sell them to advertisers, giving them a digital full page ad space.

Analyze & optimize

Your ePaper is not just a digital replica. It’s a platform that allows a deeper understanding of reader behavior, giving you the opportunity to employ new types of content, based on user data. Finally, you are able to track, measure and analyze how readers engage with the newspaper. Visiolink Business Consulting specialize in tracking key metrics, and help you analyze them.

In short, Visiolink Business Consulting help grow your business and optimize the performance of your digital newspaper.


Easy integration

Whether you focus on tracking, advertising or just plain publishing, you’ll be pleased to know that we support integration of all major editorial systems and ad platforms.


Utilize your archive

Add your archive as a feature to you ePaper apps, or incorporate archive search on your website, and open it to the world.

Archives are journalistic goldmines. A digital archive makes mining the content easy, and it even serves as a source of added value to the reader. One they are prepared to pay for. 

Let readers, researchers, and journalists search and browse through old and forgotten content to bring context to the present.

If you haven't already digitized your archive, we help do that too.


Support and availability

No computer system, not even a world-class digital publishing solution, keeps going without a little help. That's why we have a dedicated team of customer care specialists working round the clock every day of the year to ensure stable performance and constant ePaper availability. 

Guaranteed availability

You might not care much about the technical infrastructure behind your ePaper. But publishing thousands of pages each day is no small feat. Your readers expect the ePaper to be on time and available anywhere. We take care of the technical side of things, while you focus on your daily deadlines. Redundant servers on two separate locations, four continuously running backups and a team of dedicated server supermen ensures your newspaper is always available for download.

Stability and quality of service are not just words to us. They’re part of a legally binding contract.

24/7 support

We help monitor your publications to ensure timely delivery every day. But our surveillance and support service goes way beyond the initial publishing. Errors shouldn't be brought to your attention by unhappy readers. Our customer care specialists proactively cover both human and machine errors, catching more than 80% of all mishaps before they get published.

You don't even have to worry on weekends or during holidays. Our support is open 24 hours a day, every day.

Smooth Publishing

It really is as easy as we claim. Finalize your newspaper layout, process and prepare content for serving articles in easy to read digital formats, upload - and we’ll take it from there. To create interstitials, ads or send push messages, simply log on to our Publishing Hub, where you have all the tools you need at hand. 

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