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October - 2019

Learn from your readers' engagement data

Our Product Manager, Mathias Winther Klausen, has been looking into the engagement data collected in the ePaper, and in this whitepaper he will highlight some of the findings. In conjunction with external sources, these ePaper data are put into use in order to map the ePaper usage of today. While also given examples on how to exploit this knowledge in order to increase the loyalty of your readers.

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August - 2019

Inspired by Visiolink

We are happy to present our new magazine – Inspired by Visiolink. It’s packed with insights and real-life cases from the European media industry which serves as inspiration to all of you who wants to improve the business around digital newspaper

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May - 2019

How to choose the right ePaper provider

We have identified a range of things you should consider when looking for a new ePaper provider. By following the steps in this whitepaper, you are able to make your decision on a well-informed basis - most likely to result in a fruitful collaboration between the provider, you and your ePaper business.

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September - 2018

The European ePaper Benchmark Report 2018

With feedback from almost 13000 ePaper readers and usage data of more than 2000 newspaper titles, the State of the ePaper - Benchmark Report 2018 will provide you with invaluable insights you can use to develop your digital strategy.

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December - 2017

The European ePaper Benchmark Report, Autumn 2017

We’ve conducted our annual user survey and we’re now done trawling through the feedback of almost 6300 respondents spread across Denmark, Finland, Germany and Norway. Follow the link below and dive into the report yourself.

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churn prediction white paper.jpg
October 2017

How to build a Churn Prediction Model

In this white paper, you'll get a how-to-guide on building a Churn Prediction Model in Google Analytics. We've also included a couple of examples on how to optimise your data setup.


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May- 2017

Benchmark spring 2017

The results for the spring 2017 benchmarks are in. 415 titles across seven European countries have been measured against each other, and while there's not much groundbreaking news this time around, there's one big upside to the numbers; they're up!

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January - 2017

7 ePaper metrics you need to track

The digital platform lets you track anything, and while Big Data is on the scope of many newspapers it’s actually smaller, meticulously crafted data sets that make a change to a lot of newspaper publishers. We've made it easy for you to get started. 

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May- 2016

Benchmark 2016 - State of the ePaper

We have measured key parameters in the European ePaper readers' habits for the fifth time. The survey reveals, among other things, that the smartphone is catching up on tablet devices as the preferred reading device. This influences how the reading experience should be designed. The figures also indicate a great loyalty to the ePaper.

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June - 2016

Turn dusty archives into apps

Digital archives set historical information free and provide you with a wide range of possibilities. Journalists, researchers, scientists and readers for instance can now access and mine the archives for historic gold. 

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December - 2015

Q4 Benchmark report

Through exploration of reader behavior and preferences, we interpret the tendencies that define the current state of the market for ePapers. Secondly, we try to characterize some of the differences that appear among ePaper audiences in order to explain some of the variation that apply to their comparative performance.

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