Meet the humans behind the bytes

Creating world class software requires more than great programmers. Take a look at our colleagues, and don't hesitate to contact them, if you have any questions.

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Sales & Project management

Carsten Bedsted Pedersen COO Sales & Solutions Mail: EN
Tilman Maier Key Account Manager Mail: EN, DE
Mathias Pilgaard Finster
Mathias Pilgaard Finster Project Manager Mail: EN, DE
Kenneth Torrild Jakobsen Key Account Manager Mail: EN
Peter Angaard Nielsen
Peter Angaard Nielsen Key Account Manager & Project Manager Mail: EN, DE
Morten Bligaard Christensen
Morten Bligaard Christensen Key Account Manager Mail: EN
Anne Christine Bisgaard Eggert
Anne Christine Bisgaard Eggert Project Manager Mail: EN
Nicolaj Ulnits Key Account Manager Mail: EN
Lise Melchiorsen Senior Project Manager Mail: EN, DE

Customer Care

Agnethe Løkke Madsen
Agnethe Løkke Madsen Head of Customer Care & Business Consulting Mail: EN
Martin Willow
Martin Willow Customer Care Specialist Mail: EN
Jack Vang
Jack Vang Customer Care Specialist & Web Developer Mail: EN
Susanne Riis
Susanne Riis Customer Care Specialist Mail: EN, DE
Frank Klindt Bossen Customer Care Specialist Mail: DE, EN

Business Consulting

Daniel Rostamzadeh Business Development Lead Mail:
Emil Andersen
Emil Andersen Business Consulting Coordinator Mail:
Mads Mikkelsen Business Development Consultant Mail:
Jakob Rostamzadeh
Jakob Rostamzadeh Business Development Consultant Mail:

MAnagement & Marketing

Jens Funder Berg
Jens Funder Berg Chief Executive Officer Mail:
Paulina Witczak Graphic Assistant Mail:
Mathias Winther Klausen
Mathias Winther Klausen Product Manager Mail:
Britta Klindt Bossen
Britta Klindt Bossen Student Assistent Mail:
Anne Tværsig Olesen
Anne Tværsig Olesen Marketing Manager Mail:
Jonas Laursen Student Assistant Mail:
Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen Marketing Specialist Mail:

Quality Assurance

Morten Dalsgaard
Morten Dalsgaard Senior Test Lead Mail:
Steffen Thordal
Steffen Thordal Test Lead Mail:


Kaare Bøegh
Kaare Bøegh Chief Technology Officer Mail:
Claus Andersen
Claus Andersen Platform Developer Mail:
Christopher Dege
Christopher Dege Software Developer Mail:
Rasmus Hald
Rasmus Hald-Christensen Thesis Student Mail:
Jeppe Bøttger Product Specialist Mail:
Kilian Bick-Nielsen Software Developer Mail:
Jeppe Nørgaard Jensen
Jeppe Nørgaard Jensen Software Developer Mail:
Simon Juul Pedersen
Simon Juul Pedersen Thesis Student Mail:
Lars Skjellerup Software Developer Mail:
Kristoffer Sall-Storgaard Software Developer Mail:
Liliana Skolimowska Software Developer Mail:
Thomas Christensen
Thomas Christensen Platform Developer Mail:
Flemming Ravn
Flemming Ravn Software Developer Mail:
René Heinrich Weckesser
René Heinrich Weckesser Technical Lead Mail:
Charlotte Rømer Meyer
Charlotte Rømer Meyer Software Developer Mail:
Stine Lam Thesis Student Mail:

Finance & Administration

Pia Kjær Chief Financial Officer Mail:
Heidi Beck Christensen Accounting Officer Mail:
Heidi Andersen Accounting Assistant Mail:
Sarah Lund Kusk
Sarah Lund Kusk Service Assistant Mail: