Year 2007

Visiolink’s story begins with a few men and a simple desktop eReader. Through close collaboration with media houses, readers and advertisers we’ve since then grown in numbers and developed hundreds of market leading app solutions to publishers all over Europe.


These are the milestones in our journey from that first Adobe Flash based eReader to today.



The beginning

Visiolink's founding fathers are college buddies from Aarhus University. After working almost 10 years each in the media industry, they see an opportunity in digital publishing and set out to develop ePaper solutions, combining their industry experience and their degrees in media and IT.

Visiolink is born.


LivePaper is our very first product. It converts PDFs and displays them in an Adobe Flash viewer with a lifelike page turn animation. LivePaper is sold to catalog-, magazine- and newspaper publishers, and we get our big breakthrough when we become supplier to one of Denmark’s leading media groups, JP/Politikens Hus.

Year 2008

Our customer base grows, and we take the first steps towards an international breakthrough when the Norwegian media company Amedia choose us as their supplier in 2008.

Year 2009
ePaper for phone

Although the ideal hardware hasn’t been invented yet, the publishing industry is looking for a mobile format that allows readers to easily read the ePaper without a computer or laptop.

In collaboration with Jydske Vestkysten, the largest Danish regional newspaper, we release the first ePaper reader on iPhone in 2009.

Digital archives

As we’re experimenting with new technologies, we also develop new content solutions. Digital archives is one of them.

In 2009 we digitize the archives of two of the largest Danish newspapers, Politiken and Ekstra Bladet, using new scanning and search technologies. The project involves 1,9 million newspaper pages and allows readers to access papers dating all the way back to 1889 and 1904 respectively.  



Year 2010
Apps for iPad and iPhone

It’s April 10, and Apple has just launched the iPad. The format is ideal for the ePaper, and we’re more than excited when we bring a few iPads with us home from a media conference in Orlando, Florida. The time has come for ePaper and eMagasine apps.

Together with Ekstra Bladet and Politiken we start developing, and at the end of 2010 we launch the very first iOS apps.

The team grows

Since we started, the team has multiplied almost three times and in 2010 we count 11 Visiolink employees.

Year 2011
Apps for Android

While the popularity of Apple’s devices creates a strong demand for iOS apps among the European media houses, there’s also a growing demand for Android apps. We get cracking and release our first apps for Android in 2011.

Germany, Sweden and Finland

Our goal is to become an international company, and at the end of 2011 we’re on our way with new customers in Germany, Sweden and Finland. 

Year 2012
100 apps milestone

We’re busy, busy, busy developing apps, and in August 2012 we reach the 100 app milestone. Time to celebrate. 

Year 2013
A digital replica no more

In collaboration with our customers we push the conventions of ePaper and eMagazine apps and build extra layers of value into the apps.

It’s now possible to include features like video and online content, transforming ePapers and eMagazines into much more than digital replicas. 

49 employees

On our journey from small start-up to full sized company, we've grown into a team of 49 skilled employees and colleagues. 

Visiolink now has the team to take digital publishing to the next level.

Year 2014
Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Slovenia

The hard work is paying off, and Visiolink now have customers in 9 countries.

From IT-support to Customer Care

The increasing number of customers calls for new services – not least a customer service setup that guarantees availability and timely delivery of our customers’ digital editions. With a new Customer Care setup, we add proactive support services that ensure just that.  

Year 2015
Business Intelligence and consulting

Tracking user data is the best way to measure an ePaper and eMagazine’s performance. It’s also the best way to optimize the digital edition.

In 2015 we establish a Business Intelligence- and Consulting department to assist our customers and help them grow their digital business through data tracking, industry benchmark data, user surveys and best practice insights.

Full-service publishing partner

We started out as a software supplier. Today we’ve developed into a full-service publishing partner. We provide the digital platform, we assist our customers in their daily work delivering quality digital editions to readers, and we help them optimize their digital business.