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Bring your archive online, and let your readers access it in your apps. Legacy content is not only popular, it's a journalistic commodity your readers are willing to pay for.

Journalistic content is the fabric of history. Being able to access century-old newspapers and magazines is crucial to understanding the past. While history books provide a condensed picture, journalistic sources give us eye-witness accounts of history unfolding. 

Utilize your archive to create greater reader engagement and to provide a unique look into the world of yesteryear, as seen by your predecessors. 


We bring your history online

Depending on the origins of your publication, centuries of online historical articles can be searched and explored with ease. 

If needed, we take charge of the process all the way from dusty old print editions to crisp online text. From handling and digitizing the archived editions to OCR-scanning.

If your archive is already digitized, we easily implement it on your website and apps.

Within a moment the archive can take you to the heights of history, like the Franz Ferdinand assassination, the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the day you were born.

Readers want your content

According to a 2015 reader survey, 62 percent of all ePaper readers rate archive acces as "important" or "very important". More importantly, the statements are backed by numbers. Almost 8% of all ePaper publication openings are archive editions.

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Search and visualise

OCR scanning makes advanced search possible throughout the archive. You can search dates, topics, words, captions or entire articles. 

As you can see on the depicted page, a search for the word ‘Titanic’ will prompt the character recognition system to find all the articles in the archive containing the word ‘Titanic’.

The search term itself is highlighted on the page, making it easy to find what you're looking for. It's also possible to limit the search to a specific period, giving you the most relevant hits. 


Join the classroom

 Digital archives encompass a massive educational potential. By opening archives to students and researchers, you provide schools and universities with unique and authentic historical source material. 

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