Digital Publishing

Article View

For the optimal reading experience, tap on an article to open it in Article View, and zoom in or out to soothe your eyes' preferences.

Style your Article View to take control of your content's appearance, and let readers share, print and bookmark articles.  

Live News & Web TV

There’s no such thing as “stand-alone” today. Readers demand instant access to all possible information on a subject. Anywhere, anytime.

Integrating news and video from your website is easy with Visiolink apps, and it adds to the seamless experience, bridging the digital edition and online content.

Sleek User Experience

The ePaper should run as smooth as a printed edition. The success of the app is ultimately linked to readers, which is why our UX & Design team continuously strives to create a flawless and intuitive reader experience.


Progressive download ensures the ePaper opens right away, while it continues to download in the background.


High quality vector rendering of page spreads guarantees crisp text when zooming.


And easy navigation puts the reader where she wants to be, in an instant.

Push Notifications

Using the Visiolink Publishing Hub, it's easy to send push notifications to your readers.

Want to let them know when tomorrow's edition is available for download?

Do you have breaking news?

Are new features available?

Push messages, and get immediate results.

Clickable Ads and Interstitials

Clickable links and ads in the digital edition create shortcuts directly to advertiser websites or to your own editorial content. Unfolding stories can benefit from the latest updates on your website, while the print and ePaper editions are reserved for the in-depth background stories.

Interstitials are another way of utilizing the digital format to let advertisers approach readers in a digital full page spread. Place interactive ads or editorial content in interstitials to enrich your publication and create an additional source of revenue.

Bookmark Articles

Found a great read, but don't have time right now? Bookmark from Article View and immerse yourself in great journalism later.

Social Sharing

A great read is worth sharing. Visiolink ePaper solutions let your readers share articles on all major social networks, and allows you to define if articles should be open to anyone or just subscribers when shared.


Let readers search and browse through old and forgotten content. You might even have scanned all your old papers already. A digital archive gives easy access to the stories of yore. If you haven't already digitized your archive, we help do that too.


Got multiple publications? Get a newsstand

Modern media companies often comprise of many different newspapers, magazines and accompanying commercial inserts. Should each publication have their own app, or would both readers and publishers benefit from consolidating all publications in one app?

A newsstand or kiosk is a powerful content aggregator that covers all or selected publications from within a media house.

Curious about our product features?

Our solutions are packed with features, small and large. If you think something is missing, don't hasitate to get in touch. Chances are, we already have just what you need to succeed and stand out in digital publishing. 

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