Reflect your brand identity and set your ePaper layout free

Let your articles be represented as they deserve: As the very essence of your brand – your stories, your content in the layout that characterises your visual identity. Let your articles stand alone or have them presented in new contexts. The new Visiolink Article View 2.0 allows you to create a brand-centric framework for laying out your articles.

Speedy performance and improved user experience

Visiolink Article View 2.0 loads fast and effortlessly, allowing a smooth user experience both when opening and swiping through articles.

Moreover, the design is optimised for the best possible user interface allowing for the user to engage even more with your content. Tabs such as bookmarks, text settings, dark mode, search function and social sharing are all placed at the bottom of the screen for a more pleasant and easy user navigation aligned across both platforms and devices.

Modern design and flexible layout

Display your articles based on your distinct brand identity. Customise the layout with your own fonts, brand colours, and predefined template and integrate various content extensions such as text-to-speech features, videos, and image galleries directly in the article view.

Also, enrich your articles with e.g., fact boxes, quotes, advertisements, tweets or newsletter signup call to actions.

Selected functions and features

1. Progress bar: An eyecatching progress bar in the article theme colour provides the user with a comfortable overview.

2. Search: Allows the user to search in the article with highlight of search results.

3. Text settings: The user can adjust text size with a slider function. Moreover, both dark and light mode is available.

4. Audio: A prominent placement of the play button will ensure awareness of the Text-to-Speech/Narrated Article feature that is integrated into the audio player.