Display all of your content types in your Desktop Web App

The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 is an HTML-based solution facilitating all of your ePaper publications and associated content in a desktop web app solution.

The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 organises your content in distinct modules based on content type for an enhanced user experience and increased engagement.

Desktop Web App 2.0 is optimized for mobile devices to deliver an out-of-the-box featured user experience in every aspect expected today on as well desktop and mobile devices.

In other words, the Visiolink Desktop Web app 2.0 is bringing the known content structure and familiarity from our app universe into a browser.



Customize to fit your brand

Be on brand: The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 offers customized styling possibilities.

Design your Desktop Web App solution to fit your custom brand colours, fonts and more. Extent your brand identity and create an overall coherence across all your ePaper platforms.

Enhanced spread view quality, load time and UX-design

Due to an optimised engine, the Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 delivers a unique, fast and high-quality sharpened reader experience in spread view.

Moreover, the updated Visiolink Article View 2.0 is included as default. Together, with the state-of-the-art navigation structure of the Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0, this ensures the very best user experience and gives your content the attention it deserves.

Fully responsive

The Visiolink Desktop Web App 2.0 is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices and provides an optimized and fully responsive user experience across platforms.