The future of publishing is here

With its module based design, News Modules is the perfect response to the readers’ growing need for a more dynamic publication solution. 

Spice up your digital publications with modules containing podcasts, video streams or online news in an RSS feed. Display article teasers, present your readers with related content that they will find relevant and much, much more.

News Modules is available for both Android and iOS, and we'd be happy to demonstrate. Contact us to learn more


Full flexibility

In the News Modules app, the starting page is scrollable, enabling you to insert the amount of modules you desire - in the desired priority.

Everything’s within a touch or a swipe, and with this intuitive user experience, the app appeals to all audiences. 


You can rest assured that the app is completely in sync with your brand’s overall visual concept. 

Within the News Modules framework, you can incorporate your brand logo and customise the layout of the app with details such as fonts and sizes, background colours and/or images.
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Utilise your content

We know the archive is a feature the readers value and use. For this reason, the archive has a more bearing role in News Modules. 

A left swipe willl send the reader into the almighty archive of previous editions which, of course, is searchable. This add-on feature will surely make your readers spend much more time with your content. 

Future proof

The best known app-standards of today are based on full page and article based formats. These formats are now emerging into fully digital editions and personalised content. 

With News Modules you’re prepared for whatever the future of publishing brings. 

Do you want to know more?

For more information about the News Modules concept, feel free to contact your Key Account Manager