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    All I want for Christmas........

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    FDM Motor - specialized digital-only edition

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Be accessible irrespective of time, place and platform. Add interactivity and create wholly new opportunities for readers as well as advertisers. Publish your newspapers and magazines on web, smartphones and tablets.


  • 27/11-2014

    All I want for Christmas........
    With Christmas rapidly approaching, and with all of us at Visiolink gradually getting into the spirit of the Season, we have produced something new this year in the form of an advent calendar.

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  • 25/11-2014

    Video transcript: How to proactively work with media transformation
    This blog post is a full transcript of the “How to proactively work with media transformation” video with Kenneth Boll.

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  • 21/11-2014

    Is Flash really dead?
    When is it safe to declare a technology obsolete or outdated?

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  • 14/11-2014

    The neglected platform
    The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and tablets are often more travel-ready than laptops. But don't forget another important platform.

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  • 13/11-2014

    1 Day – 2 Conferences – 4 People
    On 26 November 2014 Visiolink will sponsor and participate in two important European newspaper conferences – one in Germany and one in the Netherlands. Both will focus on the crucially important digital transformations sweeping media houses in recent years.

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  • 10/11-2014

    10th of November 2014: a day where a digital archive really makes sense
  • 10/11-2014

    Big data - Big Impact
    On Thursday November 13th, Aarhus University will facilitate a conference on Big Data. CEO of Visiolink, Jens Funder Berg, will alongside Tonny S. Jensen from State and University Library, speak on how Visiolink uses Big Data when exploring newspaper archives and how people use them.

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  • 5/11-2014

    Share all the good stories
    Research has shown that we share our experiences on social media primarily to please others, to define ourselves, develop and nurture our friendships or to bring attention to a particular matter.

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  • 28/10-2014

    Targeted business intelligence for a digital newspaper
    I want to share a little story with you regarding some very targeted business intelligence and how we used it ourselves at the World Publishing Expo.

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  • 22/10-2014

    Personal thoughts after a great WPE14
    Last week – after the World Publishing Expo 2014 – during the 800 km drive from Amsterdam to Aarhus in Denmark, I had time to think about the experiences I was bringing home.

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  • 15/10-2014

    Make your e-paper more interactive with 3 new features
    We offer 3 new features that help the digital publication to become interactive. All of the three features keeps the reader in the newspaper universe, thus increasing loyalty towards the paper.

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  • 14/10-2014

    New advertising opportunities: Rich Media Interstitials
    Now you can offer your advertisers a Rich Media ad product for your e-paper that will make readers stop in their tracks and interact with the message.

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  • 13/10-2014

    Why We Love Windows 8 (And You Should, Too!)
    We have supported the platform for a long time and we are very happy with the latest developments and improvements on the platform. With a Windows 8 app from us, your readers will have a quick and easy access to the newspaper, regardless of whether they use a PC or tablet

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  • 9/10-2014

    E-paper 2.0 - What could a future e-paper look like?
    The struggling newspaper industry and the free news phenomenon have made it clear that there is a need for change, a rethinking of how to reach today’s news readers.

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  • 7/10-2014

    Hitek conference: Why Ingeniøren's cultural legacy should be online
    Denmark's Society for Historic Technology (Hitek) kicks off the discussion of why it is important to make 200,000 pages of engineering history available online.

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  • 6/10-2014

    5 reasons to visit Visiolink at World Publishing Expo 2014
    Up to this years World Publishing Expo in Amsterdam we asked a few of our customers what they thought was important in their relationship with Visiolink. Here are their answers.

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  • 3/10-2014

    VIDEO INTERVIEW with COO Kenneth Boll
    In this interview with Kenneth Boll, COO at Visiolink, we discuss a programme he is participating in this year, the Nordic Media Programme.

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  • 26/09-2014

    Will you be there? We sponsor the 7th Tablet & App Summit in Amsterdam
    We proudly sponsor the Tablet & App summit again this year. We look forward to meeting you all.

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  • 22/09-2014

    Android app gets a much-needed facelift
    We announced in August that we would no longer be supporting versions of Android older than 4.0.3. We are convinced that the advantages of upgrading will engender as much enthusiasm with you as it does with us.

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  • 15/09-2014

    A Big Push for Early Release of the Newspaper
    Earlier in this blog, we described the effects of implementing an earlier release of the digital newspaper – to make it possible to receive the latest news the day before readers of the printed paper.

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  • 12/09-2014

    Ingeniøren’s digital magazine archive is live!
    Danish engineering magazine Ingeniøren has opened up access to more than 100, 000 pages of old and valuable content.

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  • 11/09-2014

    Update on iOS 8 & the new iPhones
    Since yesterday’s Apple keynote with the presentation of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we have been reading, studying and experimenting with the Gold Master seed of the development tools and iOS 8.

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  • 10/09-2014

    Things Aftonbladet Can Teach You
    Aftonbladet in Sweden will be presenting an interesting case on digital reader revenue at this years Tablet & App Summit in Amsterdam.

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  • 9/09-2014

    We invite you to a DYNAMIC Tuesday
    As always, we at Visiolink want to take part in this networking, and we invite you to our stand on Tuesday afternoon from 17.00.

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  • 9/09-2014

    The winner of our customer satisfaction prize
    During the last few months, we sent out our yearly customer satisfaction questionnaire to all our customers, and we value all the answers and feedback we have received.

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  • 2/09-2014

    The Dynamics of Reader Response on Digital Ads
    Visiolink has recently carried out two studies related to ad performance in digital newspapers.

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  • 21/08-2014

    Information about Android Support
    From September 1st 2014 we will no longer support Android versions lower than 4.0.3.

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  • 12/08-2014

    5 Things About The World Publishing Expo You Want To Know
    We are at the moment busy planning for the World Publishing Expo 2014 in Amsterdam. Here are 5 things about our participation in the Expo:

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  • 1/08-2014

    Which ad types perform the best in the e-paper?
    Visiolink takes continuously part in research projects in areas as digital advertising, reader behavior and other topics that are of importance to media houses today.

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  • 29/07-2014

    Focus on knowledge ensures continued growth
    Despite heightened global competition and more mature purchasing patterns among media companies, Visiolink has maintained and expanded its position by focusing on the innovation of products, concepts and services.

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  • 24/07-2014

    How we read the news on iPads!
    Are headlines more important than photos? Are we willing to pay for more in-depth content? Which display format do readers actually prefer?

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  • 21/07-2014

    First launch of the DYNAMIC viewing platform
  • 15/07-2014

    Take part in Visiolink's new series of webinars
    Take advantage of the many opportunities offered by newspaper app and web browser. Generate new business with digital advertising

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  • 10/07-2014

    iOS 8 - New possibilities? - Part 3
    Apple are extending the way apps can communicate with each other and the users by adding ‘App Extensions.'

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  • 7/07-2014

    Watch our Business Intelligence Webinar - whenever you have the time!
    We have made a special 3-part version of our Business Intelligence webinar

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  • 2/07-2014

    iOS 8 - New possibilities? - Part 2
    This time about the Improvements to the app testing workflow in iOS 8 and a new data source for doing Business Intelligence

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  • 27/06-2014

    May news from Product Management
    May has brought about a number of new developments on all platforms. Some are new features, some will improve stability, and a whole new platform has even been developed. Here you'll find a summary of the most important and latest news.

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  • 26/06-2014

    Will we see you in October at the 2014 World Publishing Expo?
    Thousands of media professionals from more than 90 countries will gather on 13-15 October in Amsterdam for the world's leading publishing exhibition.

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  • 24/06-2014

    iOS 8 - New possibilities - Part 1/3
    As most of you will know, Apple introduced iOS 8 to developers on the first day of the WWDC on June 2nd.

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  • DYNAMIC: Jens Funder Berg shares his thoughts on Visiolinks new automated template solution




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